Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the fairest of them all?
“Not you for sure”, it said
With a heavy heart I go to bed

Next day morning I see myself
In the same mirror that insulted me
“I am fearfully and wonderfully made”, the Bible says
Couldn’t you work a little more on me?

Every single day as I face this world
I see people so handsome and pretty
Where the hell did I go wrong?
Why was I made this ugly?

If you think all this is a joke
Why don’t we switch lives for a day?
You’ll realize how low I feel this night
The feeling is not very happy and gay

Why O Lord, why have you forsaken me?
In this world so cruel and bad
I thought you were my only refuge
I thought with you I’d never be sad

But then I look at the unprivileged
At the children without their mom and dad
“Don’t you think you have a better life?”, He said
I realized how blessed I was!
I felt so glad!


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