What is your 5 Loaves & 2 fishes???

We all know the story “Jesus feeds the Five Thousand”, don’t we? Of course we do. Jesus was teaching, people were hungry, a boy gives some food and Jesus raises His hands and wallah…… 2 loaves & 5 fishes were good enough to suffice 5000 people! It’s a miracle!!! That’s how great & mighty our God is. He is in the words of the band Delirious…. a Miracle Maker!!!

But alas how often do we forget to acknowledge the sacrifice of that small boy in that crowd who gave away his lunch…. IN FAITH!!! The guy could’ve easily finished his lunch box and no one would’ve known. But he chose to give it to Jesus. How often do we do that, is the question we need to ask ourselves.

Each one of has been given, in His unique way, ‘5 loaves & 2 fishes’. For some it may be wealth, for some, talents in the form of music, acting, administration etc. Have you come to terms as to what is your “5 loaves of bread & 2 fishes”? Have you really given back to God, what He has blessed you with? Do you intend to keep it to yourselves??? Or give use it for God’s glory… The choice is yours.

But remember….. Your life is given to you by God and is of God….. and you are accountable for it.You give to God the little that you have and you will see the Miracle Maker working in your life. As God’s chosen people, He has showered us with loads of talents and blessings that a lot of us take for granted. Jesus used the little food that the boy gave to feed 5000 thousand people. Please note that the young boy gave everything he had….kept nothing to himself. And that is exactly what God expects from each one of us….. give Him your everything!

I want to encourage each one of you to identify your ‘Five loaves & 2 fishes’ and submit them to God and use it for His glory. Do this and you will see the change in your life. However small or insignificant your talent may seem to others, God promises to touch & transform thousands with that very talent. Do not compare the gifts that God has given you with that of the others. Focus on The Giver & not The Gift!

The fields are ready for harvest….. but the labourers, they are so few! God is waiting for us to surrender our time, our talents, and our life to Him. He is itching to use You & Me to fulfil the Great commandment. So what are you waiting for???  Give Him your “5 loaves & 2 fishes” and the miracle’s just a step away! Give God your best….. He will do the rest.


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